Recommended Service Partners from Multifamily Utility Solutions

Natural Resource Conservation


Flosaver™ Air Reduction & Efficiency Valve Info PDF

The science behind the Flosaver™ Air Reduction & Efficiency Valve is based upon Boyle’s Law regarding pressure and volume, and Le Chatelier’s Principle of volumetric dynamics. The Flosaver™ Air Reduction & Efficiency Valve reduces the air volume trapped in the water pipes by creating a back pressure or pressure wave that compresses these gases before passing through the meter chamber. A compression zone forms on the utility side of the water meter, producing a smooth water flow leading to the meter, normalizing vibrations, and maintaining a more consistent water pressure.

Waste Disposal Expense Reduction

Waste Consultants

Waste Consultants (WCI) reduces and manages waste disposal expenses for clients nationwide. In business since 2002, WCI has a 90% success rate in reducing waste expenses with typical savings of 20-30% per client. The best part, everything is done on a strict performance-basis. You only pay WCI when and if you they are able to reduce your waste expenses. No savings, no fee. There is no capital outlay, no budgetary requirements, and no risk.


Interactive Energy Group

We provide complete, customized and comprehensive solutions for your commercial assets.  From sourcing the best plans and rates with our vast exclusive resources to providing in-depth analytics and reporting, we help our customers achieve optimal results with the goal of reducing costs, increasing energy efficiency, mitigating risks, and taking advantage of tailored products.

Professional Services | Tax Strategies

Bedford Cost Segregation | Energy | R&D

We specialize in cost segregation, innovative tax and energy solutions for the commercial real estate industry.

Real Estate Investing Education

Jake and Gino LLC

Jake Stenziano & Gino Barbaro have acquired over 1,500 units with a portfolio valued at over $100,000,000 in assets under management. In addition to their real estate holdings, they host one of the top multifamily podcasts on iTunes called Wheelbarrow Profits. In 2015, they published their first best-selling book called Wheelbarrow Profits. They have followed that successful book with two other best-selling books, The Honey Bee & Creative Cash.

Through their Wheelbarrow Profits Academy, Jake and Gino instruct members on their proprietary three-step framework: Buy Right, Manage Right and Finance Right®. Members in the Academy have closed on over 14,000 units to date, and the list continues to grow.

As successful entrepreneurs, Jake and Gino feel passionate about giving back to the community. They created the charitable arm of the company Rand Cares, which has provided over 43,000 meals to those in need.

water sub-metering

Southern Water Management

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

Southern Water Management (also d/b/a Mid-West Water Management) a national full-service utility sub-metering service, partners with commercial and residential multi-tenant property owners to professionally allocate utility expenses among their tenants.

With our successful 25 years of sub-metering, we have a proven track record, with sub-metering utility consumption.

HUD Consultant

Kosiara Consulting, LLC

HUD Consultant to guide Management Agents and Owners through the HUD processes for new approvals, APPS database development and management, REAC and MOR prep with inspection responses through to close-out and Flag mitigation.  In a nutshell, I help keep owners and management agents out of HUD-jail and providing ease to your HUD-aches!

Web Design & Marketing Consultation

The Helpful Marketer

The Helpful Marketer is here to make sure your business is giving off the right impression – to customers and to Google. Through strategic, creative website design services, search engine optimization (SEO), and practical marketing strategies, we help your business attract more customers and retain them.