Multifamily Property Owners across the country are Increasing Revenue and Reducing expenses by partnering with Multifamily Utility Solutions


The right to serve your customers with cable TV and Internet services has value. How much? Let us help you find out!

If you have at least 50 units there is a chance you are not realizing revenue that you could be. If you have 100+ units then you are certainly missing out on revenue opportunities.

Multifamily Utility Solutions has negotiated agreements for 10s of thousands of units. We know the market and how to get the most money and favorable terms for your multifamily properties.

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Multifamily Utility Solutions partners with energy brokers in the following markets to offer competitive pricing for electric and gas services, often times allowing Multifamily Property Owners to realize savings on their electric and gas bills.

Deregulated Markets

Water Savings

About Us

After decades working for cable companies and both negotiating and overseeing the departments that negotiated multifamily access agreements with property owners, Telecom Marketing Strategies began to offer the benefit of this experience to multifamily property owners.

As demand grew, property owners requested assistance with their other utilities and Multifamily Utility Solutions was born.

Multifamily Utility Solutions now does business throughout the US for multifamily property owners with as few as 50 units and others with thousands of units.

Our Team

Kevin Gardner
President Linkedin

Kevin spent nearly 20 years with Comcast and was responsible for managing the team that negotiated telecommunications access agreements with multifamily property owners.

In 2007, Kevin started Telecom Marketing Strategies (Parent company of Multifamily Utility Solutions). In 2017, Multifamily Utility Solutions became its own entity to better serve the needs of Multifamily Property Owners.

For Multifamily Property Owners, Kevin’s experience has resulted in favorable contract terms related to their telecommunications agreements which are important even if Owners do not pay for their residents’ cable. At the request of clients, MUS expanded their services to include electric and gas utilities. Now MUS clients can benefit from improved Net Operating Income in multiple utility services.

MUS serves clients across the country with as few units as a hundred to ones with thousands.

Kevin is also the Author of “Change Your Thinking, Ignite Your Life: What Are You Telling Yourself?“.

Paul J Kray
Partner Linkedin

Having graduated from Case Western Reserve School of Law in 1990, Attorney Kray has had more than 25 years of legal practice in the areas of business law, incorporating, civil litigation, collections, and general counsel for corporate affairs. Attorney Kray’s team of lawyers offers effective legal representation with flexible billing options. Attorney Kray has been a member of numerous business-related service organizations and has served on various community service boards throughout his 27 years in the practice of law, including Corporate Counsel for his local Economic Development Corporation. Attorney Kray has represented corporations with multi-million dollar annual sales for nearly his entire legal career.

As a Partner with Multifamily Utility Solutions, Attorney Kray regularly works on agreements for Property Owners.

Linda Porath
Operations and Administrative Advisor Linkedin

Linda is a Comcast veteran who held a variety of managerial positions in the Product Development, Marketing, Programming, and Advertising Sales Operations disciplines. During her 20-year tenure she oversaw key initiatives such as product launches of Xfinity ON DEMAND, High-definition TV, DVR, and Interactive Guide applications.

Linda’s understanding of cable operations and her attention to detail make her a great addition to the MUS Team. AT MUS, Linda oversees the design, implementation and maintenance of the MUS Salesforce client database and digital marketing efforts, ensuring MUS clients a best-in-class experience.

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