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The Syndication Show: Different Ways to Increase NOI

Kevin has an engaging discussion with Vinney (Smile) Chopra on The Syndication Show Podcast on how Multifamily Utility Solutions has helped clients increase cash flow and improve NOI through lucrative cable & internet contracts.

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In this episode, Kevin joins Aaron Fragnito on the Podcast to explain how large multifamily property owners can earn more forms of income on their buildings. Kevin has unique business experience in negotiating with internet and cable companies to strike a favorable deal for the landlord. This allows the property owners to make an override on services their tenants are already paying for such as internet, cable, electric and gas. Every little bit helps so learn how you can make more forms of income on your large multifamily properties through this episode of the Passive Cash Flow Podcast.

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The Real Estate Mindset: How to Negotiate Utilities to Increase NOI with Kevin Gardner

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