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MVP Real Estate Podcast: Maximize NOI with Utilities Management

Kevin and host Marcus Perleberg meet once again to discuss how Multifamily Utility Solutions (MUS) helps property owners manage their utilities better to realize expense savings and/or generate revenue. Kevin provides information on the different types of internet and cable agreements and how each can benefit property owners based on their investment goals

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The Real Estate Mindset: How to Negotiate Utilities to Increase NOI with Kevin Gardner

Host Eric Nelson and Kevin chat about money-saving and money-making opportunities which lie in the utility section of your multi-family home expense sheet. In today’s competitive utility market, property owners are being compensated by providers for the exclusive right to market their services to tenants. While each of these deals differs from one another, as all properties are unique, these contracts allow you to increase NOI.

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Negotiating Multifamily Access Agreements Interview with Kevin Gardner

Michael interviews Kevin Gardner, who spent nearly 20 years with Comcast and was responsible for managing the team that negotiated telecommunications access agreements with multifamily property owners. In 2007, Kevin started Telecom Marketing Strategies (Parent company of Multifamily Utility Solutions). In 2017, Multifamily Utility Solutions became its own entity to better serve the needs of Multifamily Property Owners.

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