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Multifamily Cable Contract – Utilities Solutions

Hadar talks ti Kevin Gardner from Multifamily Utility Solutions about how Multifamily Cable Contract can increase your Net Operating Income, add value and put more money in your pocket.

The right to serve your customers with cable TV and Internet services has value. How much? Let us help you find out! If you have at least 20 units there is a chance you are not realizing revenue that you could be. If you have 100+ units then you are certainly missing out on revenue opportunities. #MultiFamilyRealEstateInvesting #CableContracts

Subscribe to the MFI Holding & MHI Mastermind Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MultifamilyRealEstateInvestingMIHMastermind FREE eBook & Video Course GIVEAWAY: https://mfiholding.com/free-ebook-multifamily-investing/ MIH Mastermind: https://MIHMastermind.com Instagram: @MIH_Mastermind https://www.instagram.com/mih_mastermind/ Facebook: @MultifamilyMastermind https://www.facebook.com/MultifamilyMastermind/ Hadar Orkibi – Principle at https://MFIHolding.com Is a US Citizen, full-time Property Investor, and Trader. Investing in Multifamily Apartment Buildings, Residential and Commercial Real Estate for over a decade. Hadar has participated as a guest in NZ and US Real Estate Investing podcasts and is a leading Multifamily Investing Mastermind facilitator with http://MIHMastermind.com

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