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Multifamily Monday Finding Multiple Revenue Streams

Ep. 253 Multifamily Monday: Finding Multiple Revenue Streams with Kevin Gardner Having spent nearly 20 years with Comcast, Kevin Gardner was responsible for managing the team that negotiated telecommunication access agreements between cable companies and multifamily property owners. In 2007, Kevin started Telecom Marketing Strategies to help multifamily property owners and third party vendors understand the cable operator perspective and maximize business opportunities. Having produced incremental revenue for multifamily property owners, they requested that Telecom Marketing Strategies help them with their other utilities, thus launching Multifamily Utility Solutions. Multifamily Utility Solutions services clients so they can not only save on cable, but also electric and gas utilities as well.

Some Topics Covered:

  • What does Kevin really do?
  • Scenario/example for Multifamily Property Owners
  • Breaking down what a cable contract is
  • The multiple ways these contracts can be structured
  • The difference between Bulk and Non-Bulk contracts
  • What happens to the cable contract if the property is sold?
  • What Kevin’s company facilitates for multifamily property owners
  • What beginners should lookout for.

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