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How I Get The Cable Companies To Pay Me For Cable

From The Millennials in Multifamily Podcast

Listen to this episode of The Millennials in Multifamily Podcast featuring Kevin Gardner, below:

From The Millennials in Multifamily Podcast

A lot of multifamily owners, especially new owners, are not aware that they can make money by granting cable companies installation rights on their properties. Cable and internet companies are restricted from entering properties by access rights and this means that multifamily properties are like forbidden fruit to them. They can only get in and do all those installations if the owner says so! There are several different rights of entry agreements that can be struck up between owners and cable companies and our guest for today, Kevin Gardner, has made it his business to be the middleman. After spending almost 20 years at Comcast before becoming its sales and marketing Vice President, Kevin founded Multifamily Utility Solutions where he negotiates cable and telecommunications contracts on behalf of property owners. Our conversation with Kevin today is all about how this process works, the different kinds of contracts that can be negotiated, and what each party can expect to walk away with once the agreement has been signed. Along with all this, Kevin shares a few insights about how he does his research to find a contract that is tailor-made to an asset’s particular requirements, how he helps owners with less than a hundred units pool together so that the deal is sweetened for everybody, and a whole lot more! Be sure to tune in!

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